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Then I Came Home

At some time in our lives, some of us face hardships and heartache. Some of us are forced to face devastating tragedies that completely change the person that we would become. The decisions we make at that time have a profound effect on the rest of our lives. I will take you from the foothills of Southern Indiana to the steamy jungles of Vietnam; from the rice paddies near the South China Sea to the Jungle near the DMZ. However, do not make the mistake of thinking that this is just another book about Vietnam. I grew up in the heartland of America. I believed in the American flag, apple pie and “God Bless the USA”. As a young man, I believed and trusted my government. I joined the United States Marines and served in Vietnam. I wanted to fight for my country like my dad and uncles had in WWII. Soon after arriving in Vietnam, I realized my country had betrayed me. This is my story.

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America’s Unfortunate Sons and Daughters

America’s Unfortunate Sons and Daughters is an expose’ on the many relationships with our government and military. The author, Sam Gaylord, critiques the interactions of our government and our troops in the military before, during and after war. This book also describes to the public the unfair treatment that is given to the combat disabled veterans when they return home.

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Why? Why NOT Me?

Why? Why NOT Me? provides the readers an insight into Sam Gaylord’s life. There have been many stumbling blocks thrown at him. Sam has risen to the occasion, overcoming many obstacles. He shares with his readers how he climbed over hurdles and became more and more determined to make the best of his situation. Sam shares his doubts and fears. He learned to stop asking Why? and starting asking, “Why not?” Facing each one head on, he found the initiative and motivation to triumph, move forward and become a stronger man.

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